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Folk Art 330
Cigar Store Indian
Fantastic cigar store Indian by Ralph Gallagher circa 1970's...incredibly carved chief with head dress, period tribal garb and cigar bundle in left hand..."R. Gallagher" carved in base...approximately 48”h. 
Blue Star Brand Oyster Tin
Super nice gallon oyster tin packed by Carnabuci Seafoods in Grasonville, is clean and in nice condition with minimal rust and discoloration as the photos show...embossed with OYSTERS and MD.489...approximately 7.5"t.
Folk Art Walking Stick
Walking stick with wonderful carving of an alligator atop a knotty shaft...fantastic surface with wonderful patina...minor damage to base ferrule from use...great addition to your cane collection...35"l. 
Folk Art 392
Eagle Head Plaque
Patriotic motif of an eagle head carved from black walnut and hung on the wall as a plaque...well carved beak, nostrils, eyes and feathers...initials "HJ" carved into the back...probably from the 1940's...8"l. 
Folk Art 562
Wine & Bottle Opener Set
Well carved folk art figurines whose heads come off to serve as wine and bottle openers... wonderfully carved with facial features and period clothing...mounted on original wooden base with nice patina...probably from the 1940's...7"h. 
Folk Art 671
Whalehead Club Welcome Mat
Possibly a one of a kind/color welcome mat from the Whalehead Club in Corolla, NC...given as a gift to a guest who hunted there in the 1950's, it has been passed down through the family since that time...a rare opportunity to own a piece of NC history...measures about 36" x 24". 
Folk Art 19054
Doug Jester "Jack Doll"
American folk art at it's finest is represented by this "Jack Doll" or red wing black bird by Doug Jester from Chincoteague, VA...raised wings and split tail carving with metal legs and feet on a wooden base...signed and dated 1933 on the underside of the base...measures 12"l x 7.5"h overall. 
Folk Art 1812
Gunning Light
Folk art gunning light found in Dorchester County on the eastern shore of Maryland...utilizing a kerosene lamp, gunners would mount the lamp on the bow of a skiff and cause the ducks or geese to knot up so they could shoot a large number with one shot...approximately 20”h. 
Robin Hood Shot Shell Box
Rare shot shell box with American Indian Chief on front..."INDIAN BLACK POWDER" and "THE ROBIN HOOD POWDER CO. SWANTON, VT"...25 - 12 GUAGE LOADED SHELLS...2-part box has some condition issues...two halves have been glued together but are complete. 
Folk Art Dog
Outstanding carving of a dog sitting on an integrated walnut base with carved eyes, ears, nose and mouth...fantastic surface and attitude with wonderful patina...engraved "E. Schnore" on the underside of the base...folk art at it's best...5.5"h x 7.5"l. 
Folk Art 555
Carved Eagle Wall Plaque
Patriotic carved wooden eagle wall plaque from the Artistic Carving Company in Boston in the style of John Bellamy...beautifully carved wings with feather detail, stars and stripes motif and "LIVE AND LET LIVE" banner...mellow patina with some wear...probably made around 1950's...measures 45"w x 16"h. 
Steve Morey Cow
Wonderful miniature folk art cow from this Tuckerton, New Jersey carver with carved nose, horns, tail and teets...his creativity had no bounds...probably made in the 1970's...his serified "M" is carved on the underside...measures 12"l x 7"h overall. 
Carl Malmstrom Eagle
Wonderful third size folk art eagle from Maine with carved and open beak, tongue, carved feathers, wings, tail, feet and talons...fantastic surface with wonderful patina and slight discoloration...probably made around 1940...measures 17"l x 11"w x 18"h overall. 
Folk Art Walking Stick
Stylish cane with life like carving of a dog with carved teeth, tongue, nose and ears, glass eyes and brass ferrule...fantastic surface with wonderful patina and paint loss from use...from the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY...great addition to your cane collection...35.5"l. 
Folk Art 439
Steve Morey Kingfisher
Outstanding life size kingfisher from this Tuckerton, New Jersey carver with carved crest, raised and delineated wings and fluted tail...probably made in the 1970's...his serified "M" is carved on the underside...measures 13"l x 16"h overall. 
Rose Bay Oyster Tin
Exceedingly rare one gallon oyster tin packed by C. B. Jennette in Swan Quarter, is clean and in nice condition, although it does have some rust and discoloaration as the photos show...also has NC 165 permit number...approximately 7.25"t.
Jack Ulrich Fox
Wonderfully executed miniature fox carving by Jack Ulrich from Monkton, MD remeniscent of fox hunting chases...extensive carving includes facial features, ears, feet and tail with textured carving to simulate fur...damage to the right ear tip...15"l x 9"t including base. 
Mahogany Humidor
Super custom made humidor with eagle clutching arrows and star inlay on top...untouched surface has not been cleaned and exhibits wonderful patina...dovetailed corners enhance the mahogany construction...original moisteners are gone but could be replaced...10" x 8" x 5.5". 
Folk Art 439
Lloyd Tyler Falcon
 Wonderfully executed 1/2 size Peregrine Falcon by this neighbor of the Ward Bros...mounted on a architectural finial base and wire...well carved and painted with original surface circa 1950's...carved from one piece of wood with painted eyes...10"l x 11.5"w x 9" tall including base. 
Folk Art 1594