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Porter Rig Black Duck
Recently found with the teal above is this Porter Rig black duck from the Winous Point Shooting Club circa 1870's...great form and wafer thin body...original paint with wear...wooden pegs holding halves together...carved eyebrows...15"L.
Vintage Decoy 478
Marvin Midgett Pintail
Classic canvas over wire pintail by this well known carver from Rodanthe, NC…spent time at Kill Devil Hills Coast Guard Station and carved with Manie Haywood and Avery Tillet…two-piece head and square stern...original condition with wear...approximately 18”L. 
Floyd Parker Redhead
Form and function describe this drake redhead by this little known carver fom Spot, North Carolina circa 1942...typical Curritucker, he built boats, worked on the water and guided...body is all original...head may be second coat...14"L.
Vintage Decoy 954
Cobb Island Brant
Check out this outstanding and early example of a brant from Cobb Island, Virginia...solid carved body with raised wing carving...head was made from a holly branch or root with german glass eyes...paint has wear to bare wood in places...has a carved "N" on the bottom...about 18"L.
Vintage Decoy 1923
Vintage Decoy 874
Bert Graves Hen Mallard
Extremely early example from this well known carver from Peoria, IL circa 1905...hollow body construction typical of the Illinois River School...outstanding, original swirl paint with great patina......measures 17"L.
Vintage Decoy 1725
Sam Smith Canvasback
Extraordinarily rare drake canvasback by this Amityville, LI carver circa 1870...out of the Swan Island Club rig in Currituck, NC...worn original paint with great patina...member brands on bottom include "J. BRYANT" and "W. MINOT JR."...measures 16"L.
Vintage Decoy 1830
Ward Bros. Canvasback
Classic drake canvasback in the 1948 style by the famous brothers from Crisfield, MD...balsa body with combination of original paint and overpaint...appears to be early bill repair as well...otherwise original condition...signed and dated 1948 on bottom with wooden keel...about 15”L. 
Ben Schmidt Black Duck
Near mint high head black duck from this well known carver from Detroit, Michigan circa 1950…extensive carving and stamping with original paint, glass eyes and raised wings…hairline crack in one side of neck...approximately 17”L. 
Vintage Decoy 850
Vintage Decoy 1832
Wildfowler Goldeneye
Early hen goldeneye from the Wildfowler Factory in Old Saybrook, CT circa 1940…solid pine body with wooden keel...original paint with wear..."CRANMER" and "SDC" brands on bottom...stable crack in bill...approximately 13”L. 
Ward Bros. Bluebills
Unique pair of bluebills by the well known brothers from Crisfield, MD...made from solid cedar, they both include poems on the bottoms...great paint with some minor blistering and warm patina...American folk art at it's best...measures 16"L.
Vintage Decoy 1028
Unknown Ohio Mallard
Unknown and folky drake mallard possibly from the Ottawa Club circa 1890's...great form with hard chine line...original paint with wear...highly stylized bill carving..."A.W." carved into the underside...13"L.
Vintage Decoy 615
Porter Rig Bluebill
Outstanding example of a Porter Rig drake bluebill from the Winous Point Shooting Club circa 1870's...great form and wafer thin body...original paint with wear...cut nails holding halves together...ballast weight gone..."P. BRASHER" brand...13"L.
Vintage Decoy 700
Mannie Haywood Goose
Nice looking canvas goose by this Outer Banks carver from Kill Devil Hills, NC circa 1930...worn original paint with some wear to bill and head...gently used but still in great condition for it's age...13"L.
Vintage Decoy 754
Joseph Paquette Redhead
Well made drake redhead by this carver from Montreal, Canada circa 1930...raised and delineated wings, fluted tail on top and bottom and great bill carving...combination of original and gunning paint with wear...from the Peter Brown Collection...15"L.
Vintage Decoy 922
Lloyd Tyler Widgeon
Classic pair of widgeon from this highly accomplished carver and neighbor of the Ward Brothers in Crisfield, MD carver circa 1930's...they are in original paint and condition with wear and great patina...amazing examples of American Folk Art...both about 16"L.
Vintage Decoy 981
Shourds Black Duck
Stunning swimmer head black duck by Harry M. Shourds from Ocean City, NJ...hollow body construction very similar to his dad Harry V. Shourds...scratch paint that is in near mint condition with tack eyes and inset weight...early Johnny Hillman tag still intact...about 17"L.
O'Neal Brant
Swimmer head brant by George Washington O'Neal from the Green Island Club in Ocracoke,NC...worn paint that is probably a second coat with great patina...neck has cracks and structural issues but stable...remnants of original rigging on bottom...measures 18"L.
Vintage Decoy 997
Vintage Decoy 1831
Wildfowler Pintails
One of the earliest pair of Wildfowler decoys in existence, this rare pair was made by Ted Mulliken in 1939...solid cedar bodies with worn original paint, pictured on page 29 of "Wildfowler Decoys" outstanding investment opportunity for the serious Wildfowler collector...about 12”L. 
Ed Parsons Canvasbacks
Very rare canvasback pair by this Oxford, MD carver circa 1910...purchased by Spry Newman around 1920...and then purchased by Alvin Sanger in 1970...they are in good original condition with minor wear and great patina......measures 14"L.
Vintage Decoy 866
Vintage Decoy 1061
Rufus Roberts Coot
High head coot with wonderful attitude from Churches Island, North Carolina ca. 1930's...classic Currituck lines with worn original paint...branded "E. W. EMORY"...bill was blunted many years ago, but has been left as found...about 12”L. 
Vintage Decoy 431
Emile Hebert Coot
Southern coot by Emile Hebert from Houma, Louisiana…very similar style to Dr. Cassius Peacock...characteristic round root head with glass eyes...originally had wooden keel that has been removed...worn original paint with some wear and paint loss… approximately 9”L.
Vintage Decoy 1835
Tom Fitzpatrick Pintail
Early drake pintail by this "river rat" from Delanco, New Jersey ca. 1930's...raised wing carving and bone dry original paint compliment hollow body construction...retains original ballast weight and line tie...appears to be an in use neck repair from long ago...about 18”L. 
Ward Bros. Widgeon
Sleek body style by the well known brothers from Crisfield, MD...solid body construction circa 1930's...stylized paint with some minor wear and warm patina...wonderful carved crest accentuates the racy form...measures roughly 15"L.
Vintage Decoy 1062
Vintage Decoy 1059
Josiah Travers Canvasback
Extremely rare drake canvasback by "Uncle Joe" Travers from Vienna, Maryland probably made around 1930…characteristic solid body and upholstery tack eyes...original paint with some wear and paint loss… approximately 16”L.
Vintage Decoy 748
Buck Crawford Goldeneye
Stylish hen goldeneye by this creative carver from Smiths Falls, Ontario ca. 1910...extensive wing carving and stamping compliments the original paint with wear...mandibles reveal the "Crawford smile"...label on the bottom identifies it...from the Peter Brown collection...about 12”L. 
Ward Bros. Buffleheads
Rarely made species are these buffleheads by Lem & Steve Ward of Crisfield, Maryland...solid cedar construction with outstanding original paint...turned heads with glass eyes...drake has carved near mint condition, they are signed and dated 1966...11"L.
Vintage Decoy 940
Ward Bros. Canada Goose
One of the finest goose carvings from the 1960's by Lem & Steve Ward of Crisfield, Maryland...hollow cedar construction with Lem's finest original paint...turned head with glass near mint condition, it is signed and dated 1969...just shy of 24"L.
Vintage Decoy 1914