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Gus Wilson Black Duck
Downeast style black duck by this lighthouse keeper and accomplished carver from South Portland, Maine circa 1900...turned head that is inset into body with raised wings...original paint on body with working touch up to head and bill......measures 16"l.
Vintage Decoy 1340
Humphry Lewark Canvasback
Exceedingly rare hen canvasback by this market gunner from Sea Gull, North Carolina near Corolla ca. 1910...bold high head atop an oversized body with well worn original paint...some cracks and checks from heavy use...original rigging...about 18”l. 
James Holly Canvasback
Classic drake canvasback by this well known carver, boat builder and artist from Havre de Grace, MD...made around 1890, it exhibits great patina with the "GRACE" brand on the underside...head has lifted slighty but stable......measures 15"l.
Barnard Canvasback
One of a kind sleeper canvasback by Charles Nelson Barnard (1876-1958) of Havre de Grace, Maryland...surface has considerable wear and appears to be a combination of original and gunning paint...x-rays available upon request...measures 13"l.
Lloyd Sterling Black Duck
Form and function describe this early Crisfield black duck by Lloyd Sterling circa 1920...classic form with alert head position and original paint...solid body made from two pieces of wood...ballast weight and line tie removed...measures 17.5"l.
Sam Smith Pintail
Historically significant hen pintail from Amityville, Long Island circa 1870...used at the Swan Island Club...head has lifted from the body and one eye missing...branded "W. H. FORBES" and "W. ENDICOTT" both of whom were early members...measures 15.5"l.
John Glenn Bluebills
Rare and iconic high head pair of bluebills by this stallwart from Rock Hall, MD...original paint with honest wear circa 1940...hen has extremely high head...both signed on underside...both about 13.5"l.
Ike Phillips Black Duck
Early black duck by Ike Phillips of Wachapreague, Virginia circa 1890's...cypress body with a large indentation on one side and inserted piece of wood on the other side...original paint with wear...body is peppered with tiny shot used for shorebirds...measures 15.5"l.
Manie Haywood Swan
Iconic form on this canvas over wire frame swan from Kill Devil Hills, NC...has trademark groove above bill and two-piece head with worn original paint...bottom has "H. B. Saunders, Poplar Branch, NC and 1935" for Blanton Saunders...about 31"l.
Albin Aydlett Redhead
Early drake redhead by this little known carver from Mainland Currituck, North Carolina circa 1930...original paint that has mellowed to a pleasing surface...retains original ballast weight...great form and functional decoy...about 15.5"l.
Vintage Decoy 1940
Ben Dye Redhead
Extremely early drake redhead from the Upper Chesapeake Bay by this well known carver from Perryville, MD circa 1870...angel wing paint that appears original...x-rays reveal a neck repair to well carved head with mandibles...about 13"l.
Ira Hudson Bluebill
Near mint drake bluebill from Chincoteague, VA circa 1930's...bone dry original paint and condition with his finest swirl paint around the breast...minimal wear with minor touchup to filler on top of head and front of neck...measures 13.5"l.
Elmer Crowell Redhead
Iconic drake redhead by the father of American bird decoy carving from East Harwich, MA circa 1920's...solid body construction with combination of original and gunning paint...oval brand on bottom is barely measures 15"l.
Vintage Decoy 1682
James Holly Canvasback
Outstanding form on this drake canvasback by James Holly of Havre de Grace, MD circa worn original paint with bare wood in places, it makes a statement...a great addition to any Upper Chesapeake Bay decoy collection...15"l.
Vintage Decoy 1561
Ward Bros. Black Duck
Classic low body example of a balsa body black duck circa 1948...outstanding form with turned head and inserted tail...original paint with extensive feather detail and minor wear...this example is unsigned but unmistably by the famous brothers from Crisfield, MD...about 17"l.
Vintage Decoy 1761
Ned Burgess Redhead
Near mint drake redhead by Ned Burgess from Waterlily in North Carolina...from the Aman Rig used near Sneads Ferry on the New River...outstanding original paint and form with great patina...they don't come any better than this one...measures 16.5"l.
Vintage Decoy 23010
Portsmouth Island Brant
Exceedingly rare brant from Portsmouth Island, North Carolina circa 1920...solid body construction with flat bottom and original rigging in place...possibly made by one of the Salter or Styron family from Carteret County, many of whom were guides there...measures 19"l.
Alvirah Wright Ruddy
Exceedingly rare ruddy duck by one of North Carolina's most iconic carvers made around 1900...unmistakable form with high head and angular body...has a carved "E" on bottom for Knotts Island guide Napoleon Etheridge Rig...UV light shows old head replacement...formerly in the collection of Don Walston...about 14"l.
Mason Factory Hen Mallard
Extremely early hen mallard by the Mason Decoy Factory from Detroit, MI...Premier Grade example with slope breast, nice bill carving and hollow body with touchup around tail...made around 1900...about 16"l.
Doug Jester Merganser
Minty hooded merganser by one of the big three from Chincoteague, original paint with great form...carved crest and bill compliment classic Jester form...signed on the underside and never rigged...12"l.
Wayland Baum Brant
Sculptural brant by this carver from Wanchese, North worn original paint with crack down has been rode hard as the saying goes...Sanders Foundry cast iron weight from Elizabeth City, NC...approximately 17.5"l.
Vintage Decoy 1679
Miles Hancock Mallards
Super pair of mallards by this well know carver from Chincoteague, original paint with great form...hen has mottled paint on bill and check on one side...they measure roughly 17.5"l.
Vintage Decoy 1872
A. B. Vance Canvasback
Early and exceedingly rare drake canvasback by this Philadelphia carver uncovered by Russ to about 1870, it is in worn, original paint with sleek form...wooden peg holding bottom board...minor touch up to bill tip...approximately 16"l.
Vintage Decoy 1679
John Graham Canvasback
Early drake canvasback from the Upper Chesapeake Bay by this well known carver from Havre de Grace, MD circa 1870...worn gunning paint that is very old...retains double iron keel ballast weight...early flat tack eyes on well carved head...about 13"l.
Vintage Decoy 1725
Eldon Willis/Elmer Salter Bluebill
Classic drake bluebill from this well known team from Carteret County, North Carolina... original paint that has extensive wear to bare wood in places...ballast weight and rigging have been removed...13"l.
Vintage Decoy 1931
Vintage Decoy 1679
Vintage Decoy 1682
Vintage Decoy 1679
Lloyd Tyler Pintail
Bold example of a drake pintail by this Crisfield, worn original paint from hard use, it still looks great on the shelf...signed and dated 1929 on the bottom of the use bill repair from many years ago...19"l.
Vintage Decoy 1561
Vintage Decoy 1679
Miles Hancock Teal
Scarce pair of green wing teal by this well know carver from Chincoteague, original paint with great form...balsa bodies with expected wear to paint...Purnell brands on the bottoms...they measure roughly 11"l.
Vintage Decoy 1679