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William Heverin
Exceedingly rare miniature pair of iron canvasbacks by this prolific Upper Chesapeake Bay carver...both are in somewhat aged original paint with a warm patina…classic Susquehanna Flats form...circa 1940's...approximately 5” l. 
Manie Haywood Snow Goose
Miniature snow goose by this Outer Banks carver…beautiful raised wing carving and age softened oil paints accentuated by turned head and glass eyes...signed and dated on bottom "Manie Haywood Kitty Hawk, NC 1969"…8" l.
Ward Bros. Blue Goose
Exceedingly rare blue goose by the masters from Crisfield known as Lem & Steve...thought to have made only a few of this species, the original paint is extraordinary…raised wings and glass eyes...desirable cedar body signed and dated on the bottom 1963...10.5” l.
Leo McIntosh Avocet
Incredibly small Avocet by this well known carver from Upstate New York that left this world before his time...highly detailed paint pattern with raised wings, split tail and wire legs...signed "L. H. McIntosh and 1998" on the bottom...a mere 3.5” h.
Doug Jester Pintails
Early pair of pintails by one of the well known carvers from Chincoteague...great form is enhanced by original scratch paint...both dated on the bottoms 1943...drake has a small chip from underside of bill, otherwise near mint condition...approximately 6” l.
George Strunk Mallards
Beautifully carved and painted pair of miniature mallards by this well known NJ carver...hollow bodies with raised wings and fluted tails...signed on the underside and "G STRUNK" cold stamped in the ballast weights...8.5”h. 
Miles Hancock Mallards
Stunning pair of one third size miniature mallards by Miles Hancock from Chincoteague, Virginia circa early 1960's...raised and crossed wings compliment nice scratch paint and tack eyes...both are signed on the underside...rare size measuring about 9” l.
A. J. Ditman Grouse
Wonderful little miniature by this carver from Williamstown, MA circa 1940's...standing on a wooden chip carved base with detailed paint pattern similar to Crowell...minor wear with "AJ" inside of a "D" on the base...about 4.5”h including base.
Russ Burr Mallard
Alert standing drake mallard by this well known carver from Hingham, Massachusetts...shows quite a bit of influence to his neighbor Elmer Crowell...mounted on a burl base with his ink stamp on the underside...tight crack across top of bill...probably from the 1930's...4.5”h. 
Elmer Crowell Mergansers
Check out this swimming pair of miniatures by the father of American bird carving from East Harwich, MA...exhibiting his detailed paint pattern and racey form...both retain the rectangular stamp on the bases...near mint condition, they measure  5 and 5.5”l.
Ward Bros. Canada Goose
Lay your eyes on this "Best Grade" miniature by this well known tandem from Crisfield, MD...solid cedar body is complemented by turned head...pleasing paint that has some crazing from heat source...signed and dated 1965 on bottom...approximately 11” l.
Steve Weaver Sandpiper
Inquisitive little least sandpiper by one of New England's finest artists...carved and painted in the style of Elmer Crowell...mounted on a burl base displaying his initials and carved feather...pen signed and dated on bottom...2.5”h. 
Laurent Verdin Shovelers
Folky little pair of shovelers by this carver and trapper from Pointe au Chien, LA...chip carved with raised wings and classic spoon bills...both signed on the undersides...measuring about 6.75”l. 
Contemporary Decoy 1238
Elmer Crowell Bufflehead
Check out this diminutive little drake dipper by the father of American bird carving from East Harwich, MA...exhibiting his detailed paint pattern and wonderful retains the rectangular stamp on the base...near mint condition, it measures  3”l.
Contemporary Decoy 21016
Elmer Crowell Hen Mallard
Take a look at this hen mallard by the father of American bird carving from East Harwich,MA...exhibiting his detailed paint pattern and swimming retains the rectangular stamp on the base...near mint condition, it measures  4.5”l.
Contemporary Decoy 21014
James Best Swan
Exceedingly rare and important miniature swan by this Kitty Hawk, NC carver circa 1910...has incredible paint and patina from years on the shelf...has initials "A.B." on the bottom possibly for his friend and co-worker Avery B. Love Tillet...near mint condition, it measures  4.75”l.
Contemporary Decoy 1425
George Reinbold Quail
Without a doubt, the finest example we've ever offered of a quail by this Landsdowne, PA carver circa 1920's...exhibiting his finest paint and alert posture with carved crest...mounted atop a chip carved base...near mint condition, it measures  7.5”t.
Contemporary Decoy 21016