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deGavre Great Blue Heron
Exceedingly rare miniature great blue heron by this well known carver from Onancock, VA with life like posture and attitude...carved and raised wings with additional drop wing carving…paint has mellowed from years on the shelf...signed under driftwood base...6”H.  
John Dilley Dowitcher
Rare species in spring plumage from this highly acclaimed carver from Quogue, Long Island circa 1880's...outstanding and highly refined original paint and bill...some wear and shot scars to surface...approximately 10”l. 
Luther Lee Nottingham Dowitcher
Extremely rare short billed dowitcher from Cobb's Station on the lower Eastern Shore of Virginia in 100% original condition with some wear and shot scars…circa 1880's...surface is wonderful and accents the chip carving utilized…split tail...approximately 11”l. 
North Carolina Yellowlegs
Primitive yellowlegs from North Carolina with slightly turned head...underside has been planed slightly where the dowel hole enters the body...original paint and bill with shot scars and expected wear...11"l.
Paul Henry Snipe
Well executed Wilson's Snipe is signed on the underside of the original paint and condition, it has raised wings and feather delineation with extensive carving overall...on wire legs and mounted on a driftwood base...8.5"l.
Cobb Island Robin Snipe
Early running robin snipe from Cobb Island, Virginia circa 1880's...worn to bare wood with remnants of original paint and shot scars on surface...carved eyes, raised wings...bill is splined through the head...approximately 9”l. 
Davison Hawthorne Curlew
Gracefully executed flying curlew by this well known carver from Southern Delaware...strong Hudson influence with wonderful scratch paint that has mellowed to a warm patina...wire legs attached to a driftwood base...probably from circa 1960...19”l and 25" wing tip to wing tip. 
Vintage Decoy 1837
Harold StorJohann Whimbrel
Stately whimbrel or curlew in an alert pose by this carver from Omaha, Nebraska...raised wings and detailed bill carving are enhanced by detailed paint pattern closely mimicking the actual bird in nature...signed and dated 1985 on underdside...17"l. 
Contemporary Decoy 1252
Ira Hudson Yellowlegs
Classic raised wing yellowlegs from the Eastern Shore of Virginia in 100% original condition with some wear circa 1910...wonderful scratch paint, balsa body with hardwood bill that is inserted through the head...Sam Dyke Collection stamp on underside...about 11.5”l. 
Cameron McIntyre Curlew
Walter Brady inspired curlew by this world renowned carver and artist from New Church, Virginia...outstanding paint that has been purposely antiqued to a soft patina...hardwood bill is splined through the head...raised and delineated wings...16"l.
Knotts Island Dowitcher
Unknown dowitcher from Knotts Island similar to those shown in "Shorebird Decoys of North Carolina"...chip carved body with iron bill...outstanding paint with possible touch up to defect in wood on one side...wonderful warm patina...11"l.
South Jersey Feeding Shorebirds
Folk art at it's best describes these feeding shorebirds from South Jersey...rigmates pictured in Quintina Colio's "American Decoys" on p. 62 & feeding position, they were carved without bills...originally found by Bill Mackey...13" & 14"l.
Bobby Swain Yellowlegs
Hudson style yellowlegs by this carver from Onancock, Virginia...purposely aged to appear much older than it is, it has been nicely antiqued to mimic the real deal..."r.s." carved into underdside...13”l. 
Contemporary Decoy 1252
Harold StorJohann Killdeer
Check out this colorful killdeer by this carver from Omaha, Nebraska circa 1980's...delineated wings and detailed bill carving are enhanced by detailed paint pattern closely mimicking the actual bird in nature...signed on underdside...11"l. 
Contemporary Decoy 1252
Frank Finney Plover
Outstanding plover by this well known carver and folk artist from Capeville, VA circa 1990' an alert pose, this carving is enhanced by fluted tail, raised and delineated wings..."Finney" signed on top of base...his serified "F" is incised on the underside...11"l.
Roe Terry Yellowlegs
Feeding yellowlegs by this well known carver from Chincoteague...DUC-MAN as he is known has been making decoys for over 50 years...turned head and detailed paint pattern...signed on underside of driftwood base...12"l.
Vintage Decoy 1837
Obediah Verity Peep
Wonderful running peep by this well known carver from Seaford, Long Island circa 1870's...wear and shot scars on surface with outstanding paint...carved eyes, raised and crossed wings...bill is original with some paint loss...approximately 7”l. 
Vintage Decoy 1183